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Worker’s Compensation Insurance

There is a roster of jobs that present with significant health risks including a head injury. A concussion is classified as one of the milder blunt head traumas and brain injuries but that doesn’t mean it comes without its share of complications.

Concussions can induce:

  • Mild amnesia
  • Headaches
  • Similar symptoms that can be debilitating and affect your work

If you’ve had a run in with such an accident in your work place, you could benefit from the worker’s compensation insurance coverage to recover medical expenses and income loss.

Concussion happens when your head undergoes some sort of collision trauma. When this happens the momentum of the skull causes what we call a coup or contrecoup injury to your brain tissue ultimately resulting in a state of concussion. There are hardly any life-threatening effects of this type of brain injury but it can momentarily disable you. Concussions are frequently met in vehicular injuries and accidents, machine injuries, fall injuries, accidents of the boat, explosion and more.

These types of accidents can happen in just about any form of employment and a concussion injury will inevitably bring with it an influx of medical bills. You may be initially hospitalized after visiting and emergency unit. Plus the medical treatment often requires multiple follow-up sessions to track your progress and recovery.

In severe cases, rehab therapy might also be required to resume your everyday functions. All of these medical therapies build up quite the financial burden which could be a serious problem if there’s a temporary loss of your income as well. Medical treatment for a concussion is, therefore, not only costly but also long-term.

Fortunately, Florida laws require that every employer must have an up to date worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance will greatly benefit you if you’ve sustained the traumatic injury during your employment and in your workplace.

How Can You Benefit from the Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Worker’s compensation insurance is tricky because it involves multiple factors that need to be investigated. If you’ve been injured through the course of your work, it’s a good idea to file a worker’s compensation claim. Along with the claim you should be prepared to provide all evidences of your injuries and of the medical bills that have been spent or are required for the complete course of your treatment.

You might even be eligible to apply for the temporary disability payments if you’re losing income for the days spent in recovery and rehabilitation. It’s important to consult a case like this with a reputable attorney who can help you reap the full benefits of the worker’s compensation insurance coverage.

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