Can a Car Cause an Injury Without a Collision?

This may sound like a strange question at first, but then you may recall seeing those news stories about vehicle recalls and injuries to drivers when unexpected malfunctions happen. These single vehicle injuries represent only a small percentage of personal injury cases, but nonetheless they need to be investigated and may require representation by an experienced law firm like The Fran Haasch Law Group. We have a dedicated team of car accident lawyers in Clearwater.

Bodily Injury Without a Collision?

Today, vehicles are manufactured with a number of highly technical features that increase the potential for malfunctions to occur if not properly tested on all vehicle models. Some feature defects may not be discovered for years until after vehicle models have been on the road. Furthermore, automobile manufacturers may not reveal the defects until publicity increases due to the number of victims involved and more car owners become concerned about the safety of their cars. It is unfortunate that a vehicle manufacturer may not issue a recall until well after a significant number of people have experienced serious injuries or even fatalities.

Vehicle Features Can Cause Harm

Some vehicle features which are designed to improve safety and comfort may actually cause a great deal of harm. For example, there have been instances in which a parking brake fails, rolls forward and crushes someone. There are cases where an airbag may not fully inflate, or it may not inflate at all. Now that there are self-driving vehicles without a human operator on the road there is more potential for operation errors to occur leading to personal injury. These vehicles function by using multiple sensors around the vehicle to detect their surroundings. If there is a sensor malfunction, the self-driving vehicle may not detect a traffic light change or an approaching vehicle or pedestrian which could result in a serious personal injury accident.

Another new feature with the potential to cause injury is a self-starting engine. This feature is designed to enable a car’s engine to ignite without using a typical key. The feature also allows someone to start the engine remotely with a button on a special key fob. It’s a convenience to start the engine remotely, but there is a potential problem when there isn’t a standard across car models to notify an owner that the engine is still on. The fumes generated from an engine’s combustion are harmful and life-threatening. If an engine is still on while a car is in a garage, the hazardous fumes emitted from the vehicle may build up inside a home and could cause serious injuries to anyone inside the home.

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