Who Is at Fault in a Single Vehicle Car Accident?

Typically, you will see news coverage of car accidents where multiple vehicles are involved and there are significant personal injuries. But a large number of accidents do not include multiple drivers. In some cases a single driver may be seriously injured without other vehicles involved and without it being the driver’s fault.

Not all single vehicle accidents are the result of a negligent driver. A collision causing personal injury can happen outside of a driver’s control. For example, there have been cases in which a brake failure results in a vehicle going down a hill and injuring an owner or a pedestrian. Or, it’s possible for a passenger’s seat to come loose and crush the vehicle’s occupant who can’t escape.

Today’s vehicles consist of more technical parts manufactured by different companies who use materials obtained from multiple countries. Any defective part could malfunction and cause a car accident. Few motor vehicle owners are familiar with maintaining their vehicle with all of its new technology. So we rely on professionals to maintain and repair our vehicles. If an accident occurs due to a mechanical failure, the mechanic who inadequately performed a repair could be found responsible for the crash leading to property damage and personal injury. In addition, the company who employs the mechanic could be held liable as well if they failed to properly supervise or train the employee. These cases are categorized as cases of negligence. Negligence is a legal term based on four points: duty, breach, causation and damages. This means that there is a duty or responsibility to care about public safety that should not be breached and cause damages or injuries.

Cases in which a particular mechanism or part failure results in a car accident or is attributed to causing damages are considered as product liability. In these situations, the manufacturer for the defective product could be held responsible. It is also possible for blame to be assigned to companies who distribute or sell the defective products if it can be shown that they knew the products were defective. Furthermore, since few vehicle owners perform maintenance on their own cars, it is possible for blame to be assigned to a professional who improperly installs the defective product or who fails to examine the part to ensure it doesn’t have a defect.

In these situations, the victims of a vehicle malfunction have a difficult time making their case and dealing with the insurance companies as this type of accident may involve multiple individuals and companies. Insurance companies will try to shift blame from the person or company they cover to some other company who may be located somewhere else outside the country. Therefore, due to the complexity of these situations you need to consult with the Clearwater car accident attorneys at The Fran Haasch Law Group who have the knowledge and experience to fight any defensive action made by an insurance company.

Professional Clearwater Car Accident Attorneys

At The Fran Haasch Law Group, we have the expertise and experience to provide Clearwater area residents with the most effective representation in all types of motor vehicle accident cases. Our Clearwater car accident attorney team is dedicated to fighting for justice and ensuring you receive the best representation possible. Our lawyers will be there at every step of the way to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to for any vehicle damages and personal injuries, or for wrongful arrest.

If you or a family member have been involved in a motor vehicle accident with property damage or injury, we strongly recommend you contact us to schedule a free consultation to understand your rights.

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