I’m Receiving Medical Bills in the Mail – What Should I Do with Them?

One thing that is sure to change after being in an auto accident is the amount of mail you receive. Don’t be surprised if your mailbox starts getting stuffed each day with all types of communications and documents regarding your accident. In particular, try not to get too frightened if you start receiving medical bills in the mail.

Instead, this is what you should do with medical bills mailed to you: forward them to your lawyer. All of your medical bills, total charges, and outstanding balances need to be totaled in order for your claim to be accurate. The names of all your medical providers need to also be recorded and kept in one place. Get them sent directly to your attorney’s office so they can keep track of them.

This is especially important if your medical provider or healthcare insurance company has not been in direct contact with your attorney for whatever reason. The sooner your legal representation and your healthcare provider connect and network, the simpler your case will be. In some cases, you can authorize your healthcare provider to send copies of your bills and important updates to your medical records directly to your attorney’s office for fast reference while developing your claim.

Here at The Fran Haasch Law Group in Clearwater, Florida, we try to be as connected with our clients’ cases as possible. Our personal injury attorneys get hands-on with our casework to make life easier for our clients, just as they deserve. In many cases, this means interacting with healthcare providers and insurance companies on our clients’ behalves, allowing us to get the information we need from them sooner so we can build even better claims. It all comes back to doing all we can to secure the best possible outcome for the people who come to us for legal help and moral support.

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