What is Vicarious Liability?

When someone is harmed due to no fault of their own, determining liability can become a tricky process if there is a 3rd-party involved. Vicarious liability refers to when a person or entity is responsible for another’s actions, and it most commonly applies to one of two scenarios. First, an employer may be responsible for the actions of a negligent employee. Second, a vehicle owner may be liable for the negligence or misconduct of someone who drives their car. Vicarious liability allows for the truly culpable parties to be held answerable, directly responsible or not. We explore these scenarios in further detail below.

Car Accidents

If a vehicle owner negligently entrusts their car to someone who neglectfully or recklessly causes injury to a 3rd party, the owner may be held liable. The key factor in these types of cases is proving the owner gave permission for the vehicle to be used, thus shifting responsibility. Common examples include if the owner knowingly lends the vehicle to a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without a valid driver’s license, or otherwise impaired.  

On-The-Job Accidents

Employer-employee relationships tend to be some of the most complex, legally speaking. If an employee behaves negligently or recklessly at work and harms another, his or her employer may be held liable for the incident. The following circumstances must be established in order to place liability upon a 3rd party:

  • The injury occurred while the employee was working for the employer
  • The employee was acting within the course and scope of employment

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