Why Riders Should Consider Track Day Motorcycle Insurance

If you have lived in or around Clearwater, Florida for even a little while and you ride a motorcycle, then you have probably heard the name Attorney Fran Haasch of The Fran Haasch Law Group. Fran is not only a motorcycle accident attorney with a history of case results, but she is also an avid motorcyclist. She cares about her clients and her community dearly, which is why she has an important message to tell all motorcyclists around her hometown: get track day motorcycle insurance.

What is Track Day Motorcycle Insurance?

Most motorcyclists purchase a basic insurance policy, not really knowing what it covers. An inspection of an insurance policy will usually reveal that the coverage only applies to accidents on public streets, parking lots, and highways. What might surprise you is that your insurance policy probably does not cover any motorcycle accidents that happen on a racetrack or enclosed course.

If you ever go to the track to take your ride for a few laps, you need to talk to your insurance provider about getting track day insurance. This insurance add-on or upgrade will provide insurance coverage in case you crash while on a racetrack, excluding crashes that occur during a time trial or competition with other riders.

Most track day insurance policies will provide coverage for:

  • Motorcycle repairs
  • Riding accessory replacement
  • Safety gear replacement

The amount of coverage you are provided depends on the cap of your insurance policy. But, once again, you will not have this coverage unless you have a policy that includes track day insurance benefits. Without this specific coverage type, you could be left with no financial support at all from your insurance provider. 

Review Your Policy Often for Upgrades

Please keep in mind that many insurance companies do not even offer track day coverage for motorcyclists. We recommend that you speak with an insurance broken who can discuss multiple companies and options with you to find a policy that meets your specific insurance needs.

If you have not reviewed your insurance policy in a while, please take some time to do it again. You might need to make policy upgrades that will keep you covered in worst-case scenarios. If you ever need any help filing a claim or pursuing compensation after a motorcycle accident in Clearwater, please come to our law firm first for legal help.

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What Is Motorcycle Bias & How Can I Avoid It?

Motorcyclists must often cope with the unfitting reputation of being wild and dangerous individuals simply for their choice of transportation. However, it can be argued motorcyclists are more hyperaware and concerned with their safety while on the road because the risks are so much higher. Despite this, public opinion continues to paint motorcyclists with a broad brush. Sadly, in case of an accident, law enforcement may fall into these assumptions before obtaining details of what actually occurred.

Motorcycle bias is the social stigma associated with riders and refers to the way accidents are framed or dealt with by the officers, medical staff, witnesses, etc. Examples of motorcycle bias include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctors or medical professionals may speculate about the cause of the accident before learning of all the details.
  • Police may assume the motorcyclist was reckless and thus at fault for the accident.
  • Insurance adjusters know a jury will blame the motorcyclist and may attempt to unfairly resolve your claim or completely undercut your settlement.
  • Witnesses may attest to incorrect assumptions regarding your speed, acceleration, etc.

What Can I Do?

An incorrect police report will set the stage for your case and make it incredibly difficult to ensure justice is served. If you are concerned about being misrepresented by a flagrant stereotype, you likely are. Combating this unfair circumstance is best done with the advocacy of a strategic attorney who can tactfully uncover the details of your case and prove your innocence.

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Motorcycle Insurance Policy Information You Need to Know

I recently renewed my motorcycle insurance policy and came across some significant changes and exclusions that the insurance company had made to my policy although I had not requested or changed the amount of insurance (at all) on my motorcycle.

Unless you carefully read your insurance policy, you may be unpleasantly surprised by exclusions which may not cover a particular set of circumstances. These exclusions help to limit an insurance company’s exposure to situations that the company would deem inappropriate for coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance Policy Details

Motorcycle policies generally have exclusions related to using your bike as a taxi, participating in organized racing, and committing criminal or intentionally harmful acts. However, there are other exclusions which may not seem so obvious. These exclusions may include not being covered while riding in an organized charity ride, your passenger not being protected by bodily injury coverage if you are at fault, no coverage for damaged or destroyed safety gear and helmets, and even no coverage if you fail to take all reasonable steps to prevent a claimed loss or damage. As you can see, there are a variety of exclusions that can easily fly under the radar due to the lack of attention they get in policies.

This is by no means of an exhaustive list of possible exclusions, nor do all insurance policies contain these particular exclusions. The easiest and safest way to prevent any unwelcome bombshells would be to conduct a thorough read of your insurance policy (there is generally a section set aside for exclusions). If you are still unsure of how the exclusions would affect you, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.

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Dealing with Motorcycle Accidents

A common theme in the world of motorcycling is the plea to ride safely and defensively. However, that barely scratches the surface of what you must consider in order to protect yourself to the greatest extent. Safe riding and hoping that other cars see you can only get you so far. What happens if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of accident victim? If there is more than one vehicle, is the other driver sufficiently insured? Lastly, should you seek out the help of an attorney to help you navigate through what is likely to be a drawn out and complicated process?

The Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

The prospect of being in an accident is stomach turning to say the least. Considering that motorcycle riders are less protected and ultimately no match for a car or truck, serious injuries or even death are the not too uncommon result of such accidents. Even more sickening is the information recently released by the Insurance Research Council (“IRC”). According to the IRC, the recent economic downturn and rise in unemployment are having a drastic effect on the number of uninsured motorists. The study states that by the year 2010, approximately one in six drivers in the United States may be driving uninsured.

In 2007, Florida was among the top states in terms of uninsured motorists, and not in a good way. The study shows that almost a quarter of Florida drivers went uninsured in 2007. This does not even take into account, under-insured drivers. States with the lowest percentages of uninsured drivers include; Massachusetts, Maine, North Dakota, New York, and Vermont. This just reinforces the need for sufficient insurance coverage.

On top of having adequate insurance coverage already in place, in the event of an accident, you should also consider the services of an attorney in order to obtain the most complete relief possible. Having an attorney who is experienced with Florida’s traffic laws concerning motorcyclists can be vital in the post-accident process. An attorney can advise you of your rights, come up with a plan on how to proceed with your case, and properly determine the compensation to which you are entitled. Even though the daunting process of a lawsuit may require persistence and patience on your part, an attorney is your best advocate in the quest to make you as whole as possible.

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If you have any questions about your insurance coverage or need any additional information regarding a motorcycle accidentcar accidenttruck accident, or other areas including dog bitesslip and fall accidentswrongful death situations or even bicycle accidents, please contact our office at (727) 784-8191. We will be happy to answer your questions free of charge.

Property Damage to Your Motorcycle

It’s been great meeting so many of you (and seeing your beautiful bikes) at all the events we’ve recently attended. Over the last few months I have written articles dealing with insurance coverage that “protects” the injured driver. Generally speaking, when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, two things happen: the operator of the motorcycle is injured and the motorcycle is damaged. After seeing all of these beautiful and expensive bikes people are riding, I’ve realized I need to address another very important topic: property damage to the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Damage from an Accident

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, the insurance of the person that caused the accident may pay for the damage to your motorcycle. In the state of Florida, this type of insurance coverage is referred to as Property Damage Liability Coverage (PD). Florida state law requires that an insured driver of a motor vehicle carries a minimum of $10,000 PD to be considered fully insured; however, the majority of licensed, insured drivers only carry the minimum amount of PD ($10,000). At times, this might create a variety of problems for the victim of a motorcycle accident in regards to the damage to the motorcycle since many motorcycles are worth much more than $10,000. If the person that caused the accident hit multiple vehicles/motorcycles and only carried $10,000 of PD, that $10,000 would be the maximum amount of insurance available to repair all the vehicles/motorcycles involved in the accident.

The Need for Collision Coverage

So, what can you do to protect yourself in this situation? Collision Coverage. Collision coverage on your own insurance policy will pay for the damage to your motorcycle or vehicle. When you are purchasing this coverage please carefully consider the deductible that you choose they generally are in amounts of $250.00, $500.00 or $1,000.00. If you decide to use your own insurance for your Property Damage (PD), your deductible will be subtracted from a “reimbursement” check you are issued to cover the damages. Some insurance companies will subrogate against the at-fault insurance company, which means your insurance company will attempt to collect your deductible for you which can take up to several months. If you have custom parts on your motorcycle, i.e. pipes, chrome accessories or custom paint, you may want to purchase extra insurance coverage in addition to Collision. Custom Accessories or Optional Equipment coverage will cover these “extras”. As a rule of thumb, figure out how much you have invested in customization to your motorcycle, for instance, if you have $5,000.00 you would want to purchase $5,000.00 in custom coverage.

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What Is GAP Insurance and Do You Need It?

If damages to a motorcycle or vehicle are approximately 80% of the value of the motorcycle or vehicle the insurance company is allowed, under Florida Law, to declare that motorcycle or vehicle a total loss. Insurance companies pay book value, not necessarily replacement value or what you might owe to your lien holder. What can you do to protect yourself in this situation if you owe more than the bike is worth? Gap Insurance, which will be the topic this exciting web video.

What Is Gap Insurance?

GAP Insurance is an important part of the buying process when you purchase your new motorcycle or vehicle. This type of insurance coverage is usually offered through the dealership where you are making your purchase. GAP Insurance is a separate policy than your bike or vehicle policy. In the event your bike or vehicle is deemed a total loss by an insurance company, either by accident or theft, GAP coverage will pay the balance of your loan after the insurance company has paid their part. If you owe more than the “fair market” or “book value,” you might be held responsible for the difference even if you are not at fault for a motorcycle or car that you no longer own. Again, insurance companies will usually consider a motorcycle or vehicle a total loss if the property damage to the motorcycle or vehicle exceeds 80% of the book value, not the amount that you might still owe on the motorcycle or vehicle.

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If you have any questions about your insurance coverage or need any additional information regarding a motorcycle accidentcar accidenttruck accident, or other areas including dog bitesslip and fall accidentswrongful death situations or even bicycle accidents, please contact our office at (727) 784-8191. We will be happy to answer your questions free of charge.

2 on Motorcycle Killed in Crash

TAMPA – Galilee Wells Howard was 69 but just started riding motorcycles a year ago. She retired from running a family well-drilling business when a new friend, Thomas Steven Colson, invited her to hop on the back of his chopper. Colson, a lifelong biker, loved having someone to share his adventures. He and Howard were parents to grown children, so they could spend the hours together as they pleased. They loved old music and nights out letting loose. Driving home from a motorcycle club about 11:30 p.m. Friday, the two aboard his chopper were killed when a car turned in front of them, the Florida Highway Patrol said. Neither wore a helmet. The driver of the car left the scene, but was later found when her husband called authorities.

The patrol is still investigating the crash, and no charges have been filed. Troopers said Colson, 62, of Tampa was driving his 2009 Big Dog chopper south on U.S. 41 when a 1988 Buick Park Avenue traveling north on the highway turned left onto Universal Drive south of Ruskin and into its path. Both Colson and passenger Howard were thrown onto the roadway and died at the scene. The driver of the car, identified as Susanne Marie Meyers, 52, of Ruskin fled but was located by troopers at her home on nearby Metro Drive. Meyers’ husband phoned authorities to inform them of her whereabouts, the patrol said. He could not be reached for comment Saturday. The car she was driving sustained $2,000 worth of damage, the patrol estimated. “She ran. What a coward,” said Stephanie Volkmar, Colson’s daughter. “I hope justice is served.”‘

Records show Meyers was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence in January 2010 in Hillsborough County with a blood-alcohol level over 0.15. At 0.8 percent, a driver is considered impaired in Florida. Howard’s family gathered Saturday at her home on Falkenburg Road to remember the woman they describe as caring, fun and loyal. “There are definitely bad feelings, but no one is really angry right now because we’re all still in shock,” said James Pugh, Galilee Howard’s son-in-law. After Howard’s husband died in 2001, the business they owned together, H&H Well Drilling, was passed onto their son, David.

Howard kept busy spending time with her grandchildren, gardening and riding with Colson. “She liked being out, she enjoyed people and having a good time,” Pugh said. Faith was also a big part of Howard’s life. She was a fan of television evangelists and attended services at Landmark Baptist Church in Seffner.

Troopers found a small paper with an image of Jesus on it in her belongings. Colson, a divorced father of two, worked part time as a mechanic after retiring from a career with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He went by the name Steve, and his children were his life, said his daughter. His next biggest love was his bike. “He loved his chopper,” Volkmar said. “It was his baby. When he rode, he felt free.” Volkmar couldn’t bring herself to go see the mangled bike following Friday’s crash. Colson’s nephew had died in a motorcycle crash not long ago, she said, adding that her father knew the risks of riding.

Colson was looking forward to the birth of his first grandson this August. He already was grandfather to a 14-month-old girl. He recently taught the little girl to point up at the sky whenever he asked, “Where are the birds?” Now, they will teach her that grandpa is up there, too, riding with Galilee, Volkmar said.

St Petersburg Times, Pinellas County, BY SARAH WHITMAN, Times Staff Writer

1 Dead in Crash with TFD Firetruck

A motorcyclist died Wednesday night in a crash with a Tallahassee Fire Department truck. The crash occurred at 8:23 p.m. at the intersection of Tennessee Street and White Drive, TPD spokeswoman Officer Susan Newhouse said. The TFD truck was traveling west on Tennessee responding to a call. Newhouse said the truck had its lights and sirens on. The motorcyclist was traveling south on White when the crash occurred and died at the scene. Newhouse said the investigation was ongoing and did not have information including the identity of the motorcyclist or those in the TFD truck. More than a dozen TPD and TFD vehicles surrounded the scene to investigate. Yellow caution tape cordoned off the westbound lanes of the intersection. TPD vehicles had blocked westbound lanes of Tennessee as far away as Ocala Road as the investigation continued.

Tallahassee Democrat Leon County By Derek Redd, Democrat night editor

3 Injured in Crash on Interstate 275

One motorcyclist crashed Tuesday on Interstate 275 after turning around to watch another motorcyclist who had rammed the back of a car, the Florida Highway Patrol said. The result? Minor injuries for all drivers – and a 45-minute shutdown of all southbound lanes near the Pasco-Hillsborough county line. The two motorcyclists were driving south on I-275 at a high speed when they tried to pass a Ford Focus, troopers said. The motorcycle driven by Adam J. Clark, 22, of Port Richey hit the back of the Ford, which lost control and hit a concrete wall. The second motorcyclist, Benjamin C.Wigen, 21, of Lutz, turned back to look at the crash- and overturned. Clark, Wigen and the car’s driver, Christopher Tichanuk, 28, of Wesley Chapel were taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital with minor injuries.

St Petersburg Times, Pinellas County