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Situated in North Pinellas County on Florida’s central west coast, Palm Harbor is less than an hour away from metropolitan Tampa and St. Petersburg yet home to a charming hometown atmosphere. Despite Palm Harbor’s mostly residential population, congested highways in Pinellas County were the site for over 17,000 auto accidents involving commuters, tourists, and residents in 2018. And year-round mild weather has led to catastrophic pedestrian accidents and motorcycle crashes on Palm Harbor streets.

While crash fatalities and serious injuries make local headlines, individuals who have suffered may struggle to balance both healing and financial stress. Under Florida law, you have the right to pursue legal action related to your injuries if they were caused by another person’s negligence. Experienced Palm Harbor personal injury attorneys at The Fran Haasch Law Group can help you take a proactive approach toward getting the compensation and justice that you deserve. 

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When Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney?

When you suffer serious injuries, feel overwhelmed by the insurance claims process, or begin to experience financial hardship from property damage, medical bills or lost wages, you should call a personal injury attorney right away. Many injury victims do not immediately think to call for legal help after an accident but waiting to hire a personal injury lawyer can put your claim at risk. Your legal rights have an expiration date. Witnesses and video footage are short-lived proof, and time limits exist for notifying the at-fault party that you are going to pursue a claim.

Personal injuries happen as a result of carelessness or negligence. For example, motorists are expected to obey traffic laws and make sound judgments while driving. Store and hotel owners are expected to maintain hazard-free buildings. Dog owners are expected to train and restrain their pets. When these expectations fail and serious injuries result, it is important to contact our Palm Harbor personal injury attorneys right away for the following types of injury claims. 

Car Accidents

In Pinellas County, the stretch of U.S. 19 between Alderman and Klosterman roads in Palm Harbor adopted the nickname “Death Valley” after a series of fatal accidents. In addition to U.S. 19’s reputation for speeding vehicles, aggressive driving, red-light running, poor signage, and hazardous left turns at medians, local car accidents ultimately happen because there are over 17 million licensed drivers on Florida roads. 
Auto accidents are the most common form of personal injury. They leave people with catastrophic damages and in need of legal representation from a personal injury lawyer. Whether an accident was caused by distracted driving, an inexperienced motorist, or drunk driving, personal injury attorneys at The Fran Haasch Law Group can help you recover the compensation you need for medical bills and property damage. 

How Do You Prove Fault in a No-Fault Insurance State? 

Despite the confusing “no-fault” terminology, the phrase does not mean that drivers are not liable for a car accident. Nor does it mean that you cannot pursue compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer. It simply means that drivers in Florida and other no-fault states are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) in case of a car crash. With PIP, if an accident does occur, coverage of medical expenses and lost wages can begin without having to prove fault, prove injuries, or determine blame. 
However, when the $10,000 PIP policy limit fails to cover expenses beyond an initial emergency room visit, or if you suffered a permanent injury, disfigurement, or permanent scarring, fault plays an important role. 
Because Florida follows the rule of comparative negligence, an injury victim’s compensation award can be reduced by a percentage of their fault in causing the accident. Proving the at-fault party’s negligence requires gathering the following types of evidence:
  • Witness statements about the collision

  • Photos of vehicle damage and surveillance video

  • Reviewing the Florida Driver’s Handbook for traffic law violations

  • The official police car accident report

Personal injury attorneys at The Fran Haasch Law Group can determine your options, including how to potentially file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida has the most motorcycle crash fatalities in the nation according to the NHTSA. And in a 2017 AAA Consumer Pulse Survey, Palm Harbor and surrounding Pinellas County ranked fifth in the number of motorcycle fatality crashes among the state’s 67 counties.
Unlike car crashes, motorcycle accidents in Palm Harbor can lead to severe and potentially permanent injuries, including:
  • Severe head trauma

  • Road rash

  • Bone fractures

  • Eye and neck injuries

  • Broken arms or legs

  • Spinal cord injury

Motorcycle accident claims are often under greater scrutiny, which can make negotiations more complicated. Florida motorcycle laws differ from auto accident claims and dictate everything from helmet use to liability coverage. At The Fran Haasch Law Group, our Palm Harbor personal injury attorneys understand details that can make the difference between recovering damages for injured motorcyclists and their families and being left empty-handed.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure a safe premises for visitors. This is namely because falls account for over 9 million emergency room visits and are the leading cause of death for adults 65 years or older. However, it can be difficult to prove who is at-fault for a slip and fall injury in Palm Harbor. 
In 2012, Florida passed a law requiring slip and fall victims to prove that a property or business owner not only acted unreasonably in the upkeep of their property but also that they knew there was a potentially dangerous condition. This change now prompts greater proof of a property owner’s negligence. Our personal injury attorneys fully investigate your slip and fall case and can offer critical legal guidance before you sign a release of liability. 

Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accidents

According to the FLHSMV, wrongful death accidents in Palm Harbor and across the state increased to over 700 pedestrian fatalities in 2018. With year-round mild weather, the state experiences twice the exposure to pedestrian crashes and deaths than most of the country. This is particularly true in Pinellas County, which is ranked the most densely populated county in Florida.
Palm Harbor’s “car culture” also means that roadways are designed for motorized traffic. In particular, U.S. 19 “may be the most dangerous road in America for pedestrians” according to Dateline NBC. When a pedestrian suffers a wrongful death from a negligent driver, our Palm Harbor personal injury attorneys understand the emotional and legal complexities involved in these types of claims. We can offer personalized legal support and aggressive advocacy on behalf of surviving family members. 

Other Types of Claims Palm Harbor Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

Personal injury cases include many forms of legal negligence and wrongdoing. Here are the other common claims we handle:

Semi Truck Accidents.

Commercial and semi-truck accidents result in more serious injuries and property damage than auto accident cases but are often more difficult to handle due to multiple parties, complex paperwork, federal and state regulations, and a team of lawyers representing the trucking company. A personal injury lawyer will protect your rights throughout the legal process.

Dog Bites.

Florida is a “strict liability” state. That is, a Florida dog owner may be held liable if their dog bites you, even if the owner was unaware of their dog’s aggressive nature. An experienced personal injury attorney can protect your legal rights after a dog attack by determining the level of liability that should be placed on an owner.

Bicycle Accidents.

Most bicycle accidents are caused by driver negligence, but research shows that Palm Harbor’s warm weather, poor road design, and high-risk driver population make them more common in the Tampa Bay area. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, an experienced attorney can identify the responsible party and ensure that you receive full and fair compensation. 

Scooter Accidents.

House Bill 453 legalized electric scooters in Florida in 2019. The law allows e-scooter companies to operate anywhere under the regulation of Florida counties, cities, and towns. Already, companies such as Lime, Spin, and Jump have been given licenses by nearby cities to provide e-scooters to the public. While Florida lawmakers have established new safety statutes, any injuries that result from another’s negligence may lead to claims with the help of our Palm Harbor personal injury attorneys. 

Rideshare Accidents.

In Palm Harbor, where tourists and residents travel increasingly by rideshare app services, the Florida Senate passed a bill overriding all city regulation. Instead, they established universal rules for transportation network company (TNC) operations throughout the state. When a Palm Harbor rideshare accident occurs, our experienced legal team may be able to recover compensation if the company or driver violated Florida rideshare law. 

Catastrophic Injuries.

If you have sustained injuries serious enough to cause a deformity or long-term disability, then you have suffered a catastrophic injury. Our Palm Harbor personal injury lawyers can help you recover compensation for surgeries, rehabilitation, permanent medical devices, medication, lost wages and emotional damages that you may have suffered.  

Is It Worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is almost always worth hiring a personal injury attorney immediately after an accident or serious injury. An experienced lawyer can help to determine the value of your case, work to prove damages, and offer guidance surrounding insurance payments for medical bills. Even if your injuries appear minor following an incident, it is in your best interest to at least consult with a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are taking steps to protect your right to file a claim in the future.  

The Effect of Personal Injury Attorney Negotiations on Average Settlements


What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do to Get More Settlement Money? 

People who have been injured require compensation to relieve the pressure of mounting medical expenses and lost wages, which is why turning to personal injury attorneys is critical to maximizing your settlement. Here is what an experienced lawyer can do to potentially increase your injury award:

  • Use reputation and negotiations to end insurance company tactics. A personal injury attorney’s reputation and a threat of legal fees can stop strategies such as blaming you for an accident or tying up your claim so you have no choice but to accept an undervalued settlement. 

  • Accurately evaluate pain and suffering. Actual damages like medical bills, rehabilitation costs, property damage and lost wages are typically multiplied by a calculation of the severity of your injury. 

  • Assess long-term effects of injuries. Lawyers work with your healthcare team to evaluate whether you will need continuing medical care throughout your life or if an injury will reduce your effectiveness at work. 

  • Fight for you in court. Personal injury attorneys are experts who know Florida personal injury law, relevant statutes, insurance companies, and legal precedents for personal injury cases. If necessary, our Palm Harbor personal injury lawyers can take your case to court to get the fair settlement you need to move forward.

The Effect of Filing or Notifying of a Lawsuit on Average Settlements 


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