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Florida Motorcycle Crash Facts

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Motorcycle Crash Facts for Florida Riders

motorcycle crashes in Florida

A common theme in the world of motorcycling is the plea to ride safely and defensively. However, that barely scratches the surface of what you must consider in order to protect yourself to the greatest extent. Safe riding and hoping that other cars see you can only get you so far.

What happens if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of accident victim? If there is more than one vehicle, is the other driver sufficiently insured? Lastly, should you seek out the help of a Florida injury attorney to help you navigate through what is likely to be a drawn out and complicated process?

The Facts About Motorcycle Accidents

The prospect of being in an accident is stomach turning to say the least. Considering that motorcycle riders are less protected and ultimately no match for a car or truck, serious injuries or even death are the not too uncommon result of such accidents. Even more sickening is the information recently released by the Insurance Research Council (“IRC”). According to the IRC, the recent economic downturn and rise in unemployment are having a drastic effect on the number of uninsured motorists. The study states that by the year 2010, approximately one in six drivers in the United States may be driving uninsured.

In 2007, Florida was among the top states in terms of uninsured motorists, and not in a good way. The study shows that almost a quarter of Florida drivers went uninsured in 2007. This does not even take into account, under-insured drivers. States with the lowest percentages of uninsured drivers include; Massachusetts, Maine, North Dakota, New York, and Vermont. This just reinforces the need for sufficient insurance coverage.

On top of having adequate insurance coverage already in place, in the event of an accident, you should also consider the services of an attorney in order to obtain the most complete relief possible. Having an attorney who is experienced with Florida’s traffic laws concerning motorcyclists can be vital in the post-accident process. An attorney can advise you of your rights, come up with a plan on how to proceed with your case, and properly determine the compensation to which you are entitled. Even though the daunting process of a lawsuit may require persistence and patience on your part, an attorney is your best advocate in the quest to make you as whole as possible.

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