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How We Give Back

The Fran Haasch Law Group's Community Involvement

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We love being an active part of the Tampa Bay community and are grateful for the support we’ve received over the last two decades. It’s truly an honor to work and live among friends and neighbors who never hesitate to help someone in need — whether it’s bikers collecting school supplies or first responders delivering bicycles. The Fran Haasch Law Group has a long-standing commitment to serving and thanking our wonderful community through cash donations, food drives and community service. We’re dedicated to giving back to others because we’ve seen how the smallest amount can make a difference in someone’s life.

Giving Back To The Community

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Fran Haasch and friends holding up food during food drive

Hunger & Homelessness

Fran wouldn’t be here today without the kindness of strangers. Post-WWII, a family living on a farm in rural Wisconsin sent food and care packages to her grandmother, who lived at a refugee camp in Germany with her four young sons. The American family didn’t have much but gave everything they could – from tins of rice and Spam to burlap sacks used to make clothing and shoes. Fran’s family survived through the generosity of others — a fact that’s drastically shaped her worldview and she holds close to her heart.


Youth Education, Arts & Sports

While growing up, lessons played a big part in Fran’s life. Piano, ballet and violin lessons that is. While Fran didn’t love playing piano and 16 years of pliés and pirouettes didn’t make her a great dancer, the concentration and comprehension skills learned through classical violin training have helped her throughout life. She was fortunate to have access to these enrichment opportunities – and a mom who was happy to drive her all over the state – and knows the lasting impact arts and athletics have on kids’ lives. 


people dressed in christmas attire donating toy at toys for tots

First Responders

Through the firm’s connection to the biker world, Fran has gotten to know police officers and firefighters throughout the community. Over the years, she’s seen their “huge hearts” and charitable giving on display at school supply drives and throughout the holidays. One of the most heartwarming experiences she has each year is buying bikes and toys and helping first responders deliver them to children on Christmas Eve. 


Fran Haasch thankful for those on the frontlines banner image
group photo of Bert's Barracude Harley Davidson
forgotten angel group photo, small
Fran Haasch food drive group photo with team members

Community Health & Wellness

A lifetime of allergies, asthma and genetic defects allows Fran to truly understand and empathize with those who have health challenges and compromised immune systems. It’s what makes her a medical Nancy Drew of sorts. She loves researching ways to help her clients get better – whether that’s combing through medical studies, watching surgeries on YouTube, or staying educated on the latest medical treatments and technologies. 



After WWII ended, Fran’s father, Werner, was living in a German refugee camp with his recently widowed mom and three brothers. There was nothing to eat and the family fended off starvation by eating grass. One day, a kindhearted American soldier handed Werner half of his sandwich. Decades later, Werner still remembers that offering as “heaven,” and has passed his fondness and respect for veterans on to Fran.

combat vet waving his hat at combat veterans association bike run

Animals & Wildlife

Fran’s love for all creatures great and small goes back to childhood when she hung flyers around town advertising “Fran’s Free Animal Hospital.” She and her Dad worked in the garage, helping as many animals they could. These days, Fran and her family live with a menagerie of pets and rescue animals, including 3 dogs, 1 cat and a gerbil. And she’s still saving baby birds and other critters (with help from her three sons) while advocating for animals. 

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