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Back to School Safety Tips for Kids

The new school year is almost upon us, so it is time to start preparing your children for their return to academia. While your children focus on getting settled into their classes and catching up with their friends, you need to focus on keeping them safe.

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

After enjoying a fun summer with your kids, you probably need a little refresher on school safety. Make sure you create some safety rules for them and explain to your children why it is important to follow them.

Below is a list of crucial back to school safety tips for you and your children:

  • School zones: Our first safety tip is for parents who drive in school zones. Any time you are in a school zone, you must obey the posted speed limits and traffic laws. If you see a bus unloading children, stop. Although you should never use a cell phone while driving, it is particularly important in a school zone to avoid all distractions. Kids move quickly and accidents can easily happen if you are not paying attention.
  • On the playground: Your kids probably love being on the playground, but accidents can happen if they are not careful. If they have a jacket with drawstrings, tell them to remove it before playing. They should also use guardrails and other safety features on playground equipment to prevent accidents.
  • Walking to school: If your children walk to school, make sure they use the same route and never use any detours or shortcuts. If possible, find a schoolmate who can join them. It is safest if your children walk to school in a group since, as the saying goes, there is greater strength in numbers. Instruct your children to children to obey traffic signals and to never run across street intersections. Most importantly, your children should understand that they should never to speak to strangers or get into a vehicle with anyone you have not expressly given permission for them to ride with.
  • Riding the school bus: If your children take the bus to school, get them in the habit of being at least 5 minutes early. They should also avoid any horseplay while waiting for the bus since they might get pushed onto the street, in front of traffic. Teach your children to remain in their seat and to not shout at or distract the bus driver.

Go over these tips with your children before the school year begins. They might already know some of these tips, but the summer is long and they might have forgotten, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

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