How Do I Get Reimbursed for Lost Wages and Medical Expenses After an Auto Accident?

A car accident can cause you to suffer serious injuries that might require medical treatment, which could include surgery, rehabilitation, and prescription medication. In some cases, the injury could also be such that you must miss work, resulting in lost wages. So how do you get reimbursed for accident-related expenses incurred and paid while you were recovering?

Under Florida law, motorists are required to maintain a $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on their auto insurance policy, which covers costs for lost wages and medical expenses. Since Florida is a no-fault state, if you were injured in an accident, you might be entitled to receive PIP benefits regardless of who caused the collision.

Reimbursement for Lost Wages

If you missed work because of your injuries, the PIP coverage you have on your insurance will reimburse 60% of your lost income. For example, say you were injured in an accident that caused you to be out of work for a certain amount of time, resulting in an income loss of $3,000. The benefit amount you could receive would be $1,800, which is 60% of $3,000.

To recover lost wages benefits, your employer must complete an earnings verification form that lists your pay rate and the dates you missed work. Your physician must also provide documentation confirming that your injuries kept you from going back to work.

Reimbursement for Medical Expenses

In addition to lost wages, PIP benefits also cover up to 80% of your accident-related medical expenses. For example, if the treatment you underwent or medications you paid for totaled $2,000, you may be entitled to receive reimbursement for $1,600. The benefits also cover your travel to doctor’s appointments. It is essential to keep all prescription receipts and mileage tracking forms to ensure you get compensated for costs.

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