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Should I wash my Bike with Dish Soap?

Every biker wants to keep their pride and joy looking its best. Washing your machine should form part of your regular maintenance routine, as not only will it keep it sparkling, but it also helps to prevent dirt and grime from causing damage.

However, when it comes to cleaning your bike, it can be tough to know the right products to use. While it can be tempting to fill a bucket with dish soap such as Dawn, research has shown that this can actually be harmful to your motorcycle over time. This is because it can strip the wax and protective coating from your fairings, leaving them exposed to the elements.

Some other top tips to remember when washing your machine include:


      1. Avoid washing in hot temperatures

    When your fairings are hot, water will evaporate quicker, leaving behind unsightly spots and marks.


        • Skip the circular motions

      When washing your bike, avoid moving the sponge in a circular motion. This can result in your fairings becoming scratched, so instead, focus on making lengthwise motions.


          • Wash your sponge if you drop it

        This might seem an obvious one, but if you drop your sponge or place it on the ground, make sure that you wash it before using it on your bike. This will ensure that any debris that could possibly scratch your fairing is removed.


            • Use a chamois

          Finally, after rinsing your bike down, make sure you go over it with a chamois or a soft terry towel. Leaving your machine to air dry can leave watermarks that can be tough to remove.

          Of course, if you want to ensure your bike is gleaming, then you can always turn to the professionals. An experienced motorcycle detailer will be able to cover every inch of your bike, ensuring it looks as good as the day you rode it away from the forecourt.

          motorcycle in the road at sunset after being cleaned in Florida

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