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Motorcycle Insurance Policy Information You Need to Know

I recently renewed my motorcycle insurance policy and came across some significant changes and exclusions that the insurance company had made to my policy although I had not requested or changed the amount of insurance (at all) on my motorcycle.

Unless you carefully read your insurance policy, you may be unpleasantly surprised by exclusions which may not cover a particular set of circumstances. These exclusions help to limit an insurance company’s exposure to situations that the company would deem inappropriate for coverage.

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Motorcycle Insurance Policy Details

Motorcycle policies generally have exclusions related to using your bike as a taxi, participating in organized racing, and committing criminal or intentionally harmful acts. However, there are other exclusions which may not seem so obvious. These exclusions may include not being covered while riding in an organized charity ride, your passenger not being protected by bodily injury coverage if you are at fault, no coverage for damaged or destroyed safety gear and helmets, and even no coverage if you fail to take all reasonable steps to prevent a claimed loss or damage. As you can see, there are a variety of exclusions that can easily fly under the radar due to the lack of attention they get in policies.

This is by no means of an exhaustive list of possible exclusions, nor do all insurance policies contain these particular exclusions. The easiest and safest way to prevent any unwelcome bombshells would be to conduct a thorough read of your insurance policy (there is generally a section set aside for exclusions).

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