Why Riders Should Consider Track Day Motorcycle Insurance

If you have lived in or around Clearwater, Florida for even a little while and you ride a motorcycle, then you have probably heard the name Attorney Fran Haasch of The Fran Haasch Law Group. Fran is not only a motorcycle accident attorney with a history of case results, but she is also an avid motorcyclist. She cares about her clients and her community dearly, which is why she has an important message to tell all motorcyclists around her hometown: get track day motorcycle insurance.

What is Track Day Motorcycle Insurance?

Most motorcyclists purchase a basic insurance policy, not really knowing what it covers. An inspection of an insurance policy will usually reveal that the coverage only applies to accidents on public streets, parking lots, and highways. What might surprise you is that your insurance policy probably does not cover any motorcycle accidents that happen on a racetrack or enclosed course.

If you ever go to the track to take your ride for a few laps, you need to talk to your insurance provider about getting track day insurance. This insurance add-on or upgrade will provide insurance coverage in case you crash while on a racetrack, excluding crashes that occur during a time trial or competition with other riders.

Most track day insurance policies will provide coverage for:

  • Motorcycle repairs
  • Riding accessory replacement
  • Safety gear replacement

The amount of coverage you are provided depends on the cap of your insurance policy. But, once again, you will not have this coverage unless you have a policy that includes track day insurance benefits. Without this specific coverage type, you could be left with no financial support at all from your insurance provider. 

Review Your Policy Often for Upgrades

Please keep in mind that many insurance companies do not even offer track day coverage for motorcyclists. We recommend that you speak with an insurance broken who can discuss multiple companies and options with you to find a policy that meets your specific insurance needs.

If you have not reviewed your insurance policy in a while, please take some time to do it again. You might need to make policy upgrades that will keep you covered in worst-case scenarios. If you ever need any help filing a claim or pursuing compensation after a motorcycle accident in Clearwater, please come to our law firm first for legal help.

Inquiring clients can dial (727) 784-8191 to schedule a free case evaluation. We answer the phone 24/7.

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