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What If a Construction Defect Causes a Car Accident?

car crash due to a construction defect

Most car accidents involve an individual car crash or multiple vehicles in which it’s easier to determine fault. Many times accidents happen because drivers fail to pay attention to other vehicles or speed or drive recklessly. But there are some cases where a driver’s vehicle fails to operate as designed and it leads to an accident.

Manufacturer’s defects and/or flawed construction of a motor vehicle can ultimately cause an accident. Vehicles consist of many various parts and systems constructed by multiple companies located in different parts of the world. So there is potential for one or more of these separately manufactured parts to malfunction and contribute to an accident. An example is modern vehicles that have an automatic braking feature. If a the sensors which detect distance from other vehicles malfunction, the vehicle could fail to stop and crash into another vehicle. Another example is when an airbag sensor fails and the air bag doesn’t inflate, leading to more serious injuries in a crash.

Other significant factors that could contribute to a car accident involve highway construction where defects caused by the responsible construction companies building and maintaining the roads have been negligent. If construction workers are careless and do not install safety barriers preventing debris on the road, it could create a hazard causing a car accident. In addition, if the road construction is not up to standards either due to poor construction work or faulty equipment, there could be a roadway collapse or a collapse of an adjacent structure to the roadway which might create a hazard for motorists.

More recently, there are increasing instances where aging infrastructures and inadequate maintenance are becoming more commonplace. In such cases where the car accident is caused by construction, it is challenging to determine fault. Most construction projects involve multiple companies working independently. Also, the construction equipment for the project might be rented from another company. The materials used in the construction could come from foreign suppliers. Plus, it is difficult to determine fault when the parties involved are based in different jurisdictions.

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