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What Happens When You Make a Claim After a Car Accident?

A two car accident, car accident claim

After a motor vehicle accident, you need to make note of as much information as possible about the weather and road conditions when it occurred and any necessary medical treatment received. Also, be aware of the surroundings for potential witnesses to the accident. Many residences and businesses use surveillance cameras that might record video to provide important information about the accident and who might be at fault.

If possible, try to obtain the names and license plate numbers of any witnesses, including first responders. Time is of the essence as after a period of time much information may not be recalled making it more difficult to prove a case. And don’t forget to keep track of all follow up physical therapy and medical treatment you receive which will be helpful in proving the extent of the injuries and damages inflicted.

Know that the insurance company representatives and their attorneys will start collecting information about the parties involved as soon as the accident is reported. When you are contacted by an insurance company representative or an attorney for one of the companies, they are starting their investigation and you will need to be mindful of what information you provide to them.

Insurance companies will work with aggression in some cases to collect information from different sources to reject policyholder claims. The companies will use whatever means possible to oppose car accident victims’ assertions.

One tactic is to hire the services of a private investigator to observe a victim’s activities and behavior and to report their information back to the insurance companies. If you have suffered an injury in a car accident, you may be followed by such an investigator who will document your everyday activities such as shopping for groceries or taking your children to school. An insurance company could use any recorded activity to deny your claim and dispute your injuries.

Following your posts on social media is another way insurance companies gather more information on your condition. If you like to keep your friends informed on your current activities be aware that your posts might be reported by an investigator. After your accident, the insurance company will look to use any information posted online to their advantage in refuting your injury claim in any litigation. An example of this would be if you post about how your recovering is going. If you state you’re making good progress, this could be interpreted to mean your injuries are not as serious as claimed.

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