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How Long Does It Take to Get My Compensation?

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If you have suffered any injury by no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation.


How Long Does It Take to Get My Compensation?

receive compensation after settlement

The amount of time it takes to recover compensation varies because each case is handled on an individual basis. Because personal injury cases involve meticulous facts, injury reports, and negotiations with insurers, the process can be lengthy. The average injury case can take between 12-14 months to complete. On the other hand, some cases do not settle at all. Cases usually do not settle because the insurance company does not offer enough compensation or because the injured party seeks too much compensation.

Since we are making a claim for your injuries, the case value is greatly determined based upon the extent of your injuries and treatment. In order for the attorney, insurance company, or a jury to properly evaluate your case, the full extent of your injuries needs to be documented in a final report from your treating physician.

After we receive that final report, we can then assemble the comprehensive demand package which summarizes your case and injuries. The demand package will be sent to the insurance company and you will receive a copy.

In response to the demand package, we will receive the insurance company’s response. The insurance company’s response may be a request for an extension, a request for additional information, or clarification of the previously submitted information. It also may be a denial of the claim (i.e. a failure to offer any money) or an offer. We will discuss all of this information with you and, after receiving your approval, we will negotiate your claim and attempt to resolve your case. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

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