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Hurricane Preparedness for Your Motorcycle

With hurricane season upon us, it’s essential to take steps to protect your beloved motorcycles.

hurricane preparedness for your motorcycle

Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your ride weathers the storm:

  1. Secure Shelter: If possible, park your motorcycle indoors, like in a garage, to shield it from the storm’s impact.
  2. Elevate Off Ground: If indoor storage isn’t available, raise your motorcycle on sturdy blocks to prevent floodwaters from reaching it.
  3. Disconnect Battery: Unhook the battery to prevent drainage during the storm. Consider disconnecting alarms too.
  4. Remove Valuables: Take off valuable accessories like saddlebags and tank bags to keep them safe from potential water damage.
  5. Fuel Tank: Fill up your fuel tank to reduce the air space that moisture can occupy. Alternatively, drain the tank to prevent leaks.
  6. Protect with Cover: If your motorcycle must stay outside, cover it with a heavy-duty tarp or motorcycle cover, securely fastened.
  7. Tie Down: If outdoor storage is a must, anchor your bike to a sturdy object to prevent it from being blown around by strong winds.
  8. Check Tire Pressure: Ensure proper tire inflation. Slightly overinflate if flooding is a concern to protect the rims.
  9. Top Off Fluids: Check and top off all fluids, including oil and coolant, to guard against potential water contamination.
  10. Documentation: Take photos from different angles for insurance purposes in case of damage.

Remember, your safety comes first. Stay informed about the hurricane’s progress and heed any evacuation orders from local authorities. Your motorcycle can be repaired, but your well-being is irreplaceable. Ride safe, and take care during the storm! 🛡️🌧️🏍️ #HurricanePrep #RideSafe #MotorcycleCare


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