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The Fran Haasch Law Group has recovered millions of dollars in jury awards and settlements on behalf of our clients in the Greater Tampa Bay Region. Our motorcycle accident lawyers understand personal injury law for motorcyclists and have committed to protecting motorcycle rider rights. Unfortunately, the law for motorcycle accident cases can be needlessly complicated. We encourage you to call us for a free evaluation at (727) 784-8191 if you feel you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own. Contacting our legal team is the easiest way to get started on receiving maximum compensation for your personal injury case. If you want more information about your legal rights first, we have compiled all the information you need to know about motorcycle riding and about common motorcycle accident injuries in Florida.

Call our law firm at (727) 784-8191 to request an initial free evaluation from an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. We do not charge upfront fees and you only pay if we successfully recover compensation for your personal injury claim.

The Hard Facts of Motorcycle Accidents

Negligence is one of the key factors in most motorcycle accidents. At The Fran Haasch Law Group, our motorcycle accident attorneys work to prove negligence and strive to hold a careless and reckless car driver accountable for the harm caused to bikers.

Examples of a negligent party that can lead to motorcycle accidents include a car driver or other motorcyclist guilty of the following:

Distracted driving
such as texting

Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol


Reckless and/or aggressive driving

Careless driving and driver error

Illegal driving maneuvers

All of these and other forms of negligent driving can put motorcyclists at a risk. If you think any of them apply to your motorcycle accident case, you need one of our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers on your motorcycle accident case.

Of course, there can be other reasons apart from poor driving that can result in motorcycle accidents or even wrongful death cases. In some motorcycle accident cases, a defective part may lead to a motorcycle accident. In such instances, the manufacturer of the part may be liable for the motorcycle crash. Construction companies that produce road designs or the traffic personnel that are stationed to maintain traffic can also be held accountable in certain motorcycle accidents. If you are a motorcycle accident victim that feels these parties are responsible for a serious accident you need to contact us to seek compensation with a personal injury attorney.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents often result in very serious injuries or death, and it is therefore extremely important for those involved to contact an experienced motorcycle injury attorney in order to properly recover costs for injuries, medical bills, distress, loss of wages, medical expenses, and other damages.

If you are the relative or spouse of someone that has been killed in a motorcycle accident, it is also important to contact an attorney right away. Fran Haasch has been working closely with motorcycle accident victims, their families, and the community for many years.

Please review the below guidelines to help you if you are involved in a motorcycle accident:


Report the accident to local law enforcement right away and obtain an accident crash report.

Get Medical Attention

Seek immediate medical attention, even if you think you are not injured. Being involved in a motorcycle accident can result in severe shock, so any injuries may not be immediately apparent.

Get The Other Drivers Info

Get the other driver's insurance company, their license number and personal contact information. Make sure to get their personal information even if they do not have insurance coverage.

Ask Witnesses

Ask for the details and names of any witnesses present at the accident scene.

Take Pictures

Take pictures to document your injuries and damages as soon as possible.


Contact The Fran Haasch Law Group as soon as possible for a free evaluation at (727) 784-8191.

What Damages Can Be Recovered
in a Motorcycle Accident

For the most part, damages sustained in a motorcycle accident will likely be similar to any other motor vehicle accident, but there are often increased or different costs. These range from property damages to additional medical bills for personal injury. Here is what you need to know about what you can recover from a motorcycle accident claim:

Motorcycle Repairs

Because of the size of the motorcycle, the state of the vehicle will likely be far worse than the others involved. It is very likely that the motorcycle will be classified as “totaled” and irreparable. In many cases, the rider will not have another mode of transportation and have to pay for rideshare services.

Medical Bills

The physical damages sustained from a motorcycle accident may also be more serious than those sustained in a car accident. With the lack of protection that these vehicles offer, injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can often result in catastrophic and life-threatening injuries, often resulting in exorbitant hospital bills.

Wrongful Death

With all the above said, death rates for motorcycle accidents are much higher than they are for passengers of a car involved in the same sort of accident. A wrongful death lawsuit can recover compensation for loved ones if the motorcycle accident is fatal. We understand that a wrongful death claim isn't the first thing on the minds of grieving loved ones and will do our best to help you through a devastating time.

Motorcycle Personal Injury Information

We know riding a motorcycle can be more than just a hobby for our clients but we also know motorcycle accidents take up a large percentage of vehicular accidents in the United States. The carelessness of other drivers should not cost you physically, mentally, or financially. If you ride a motorcycle this is what you need to know:

Motorcycle Insurance Information

One of the last things a victim or their family wants to deal with following a motorcycle accident is an insurance company. Insurance company policies and claims require a lot of time and energy to decipher. We understand the difficult time you are going through and offer our services to help you navigate any insurance company issues you face. For immediate assistance on some confusing insurance company issues consider these articles that answer many questions our clients have: 

Motorcycle Crashes and Motorcycle Safety

Motorcyclists represent some of the most vulnerable drivers on the road, and even the safest riders can get into accidents through no fault of their own. Crashes can have long-lasting impacts on your physical and mental health. We encourage all motorcycle riders to take proper safety precautions to avoid serious injury if they are involved in an accident. Consider these tips and facts to continue riding as safely as you can.

Biker Life

Many of our clients describe motorcycle riding as a way of life and we take pride in helping them to exercise this right to the fullest. We know about motorcycle law because we are riders ourselves and we love motorcycles and motorcyclists. Check out these links for some of the best and most important content for bike riders.

How Fran Haasch Law Group Helps Motorcyclists?

Our attorneys have a reputation for getting the results our clients need and deserve. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident but are unsure whether or not you have a legal case, we are here to help. Call now for a free evaluation at (727) 784-8191. If you want more information before calling, please consider our recent victories. A recent client of ours secured $4,000,000 in compensation after their motorcycle accident. You shouldn’t suffer financially for someone else’s mistake.

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