What Is Motorcycle Bias & How Can I Avoid It?

Motorcyclists must often cope with the unfitting reputation of being wild and dangerous individuals simply for their choice of transportation. However, it can be argued motorcyclists are more hyperaware and concerned with their safety while on the road because the risks are so much higher. Despite this, public opinion continues to paint motorcyclists with a broad brush. Sadly, in case of an accident, law enforcement may fall into these assumptions before obtaining details of what actually occurred.

Motorcycle bias is the social stigma associated with riders and refers to the way accidents are framed or dealt with by the officers, medical staff, witnesses, etc. Examples of motorcycle bias include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctors or medical professionals may speculate about the cause of the accident before learning of all the details.
  • Police may assume the motorcyclist was reckless and thus at fault for the accident.
  • Insurance adjusters know a jury will blame the motorcyclist and may attempt to unfairly resolve your claim or completely undercut your settlement.
  • Witnesses may attest to incorrect assumptions regarding your speed, acceleration, etc.

What Can I Do?

An incorrect police report will set the stage for your case and make it incredibly difficult to ensure justice is served. If you are concerned about being misrepresented by a flagrant stereotype, you likely are. Combating this unfair circumstance is best done with the advocacy of a strategic attorney who can tactfully uncover the details of your case and prove your innocence.

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