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Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

In 2021, there were 8,647 motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida, contributing to 620 fatalities. Sarasota motorcycle riders are at risk for motorcycle accidents every time they ride. A motorcycle accident can lead to serious personal injury or even wrongful death. If you or a loved one have been in a motorcycle accident in Sarasota, Florida, it is important to know what to do next.

How The Fran Haasch Law Group Can Help with Your Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Case

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Sarasota can conduct a prompt and comprehensive investigation to uncover who is responsible for your damages as well as the specific cause. We are one of the top Sarasota motorcycle accident law firms and if you choose to hire our team, we work with skilled investigators, health care professionals, and accident-scene reconstruction experts to fight for just and fair compensation.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact our Sarasota motorcycle injury attorneys online or by phone at (727) 784-8191 for a confidential case evaluation today.

Causes of Sarasota Motorcycle Accidents

There are many causes of motorcycle accidents, and many Sarasota motorcycle accidents lead to personal injury. Below are some common causes of motorcycle accidents on the roads today.

Other Drivers

Many times, the cause behind a motorcycle accident is another driver on the road. Sarasota motorcycle riders are at just as much of a risk of becoming a victim in a motorcycle accident than elsewhere in Florida. All it takes is one person not looking hard enough and passing their gaze right over a motorcyclist, causing an accident.

Bad Weather

Inclement weather, such as rain, can cause poor visibility or slick road surfaces for motorcyclists. It is unfortunately too easy for other drivers to concentrate on the rain and not see a motorcyclist or the slick surfaces can cause the motorcycle to slide on the pavement if it loses traction.

Curves In The Road

One of the first things that are taught when learning to ride a motorcycle is that curves in the road can be some of the most dangerous situations for riders. Curves can be difficult to navigate, and things like poor visibility around the curve, speed, or road obstructions can be particularly dangerous to a motorcyclist.

Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Avoidance & Safety

One of the best practices for a Sarasota motorcycle rider is to practice safe riding and defensive driving maneuvers. In addition to these regular practices, it is highly recommended to wear proper safety gear when riding. Safety gear includes riding jackets, pants, boots, gloves, and most importantly – helmets. Jackets, pants, and gloves can help protect your skin and avoid road rash.  Crash protection such as boots protect your feet and ankles, which often get injured by getting crushed underneath the motorcycle when the bike drops. Helmets are vital in protecting your skull from serious damage in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Repercussions of a Motorcycle Accident

Due to the nature of motorcycles, a motorcycle accident often results in serious injury because the rider isn’t as protected as someone in a car is. The recovery from a motorcycle accident varies depending on the type of injury, and it can sometimes be difficult to resume life and get a sense of normalcy again following a motorcycle accident.

Worrying about your ability to pay your bills shouldn’t be on your mind following a motorcycle accident. Your main concentration should be on recovery. Below are some detriments that come following a motorcycle accident.


Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries to the rider. In addition to risks of road rash and broken bones, serious long-term injuries can be sustained. Spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury can wreak havoc on a person’s life and cause long-term effects.

Lost wages and loss of opportunity

Recovery from a personal injury can take a long time, and motorcycle riders may be out of work for some time due to this. Lost wages can make it difficult for motorcycle accident victims to pay their medical bills or manage their day-to-day living.

Long-term sustained injuries can create a loss of opportunity if they limit what you were able to do before. This is an important thing to consider when seeking fair compensation.

Wrongful death

If you have suffered the loss of someone you care about from a motorcycle accident, the loss is devastating enough. Having to deal with the expenses that come with the death of someone you love shouldn’t have to be a concern. Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys can fight for fair compensation to cover funeral expenses, and pain and suffering following the loss of a family member. You shouldn’t have to fight insurance companies for this. A skilled Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney will fight for what is right.

Property Damage

Motorcycles are expensive. Losing a motorcycle in a crash isn’t light on the pocketbook. If the motorcycle crash was caused by the other party’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation to pay for necessary repairs or replacement to your motorcycle.

Other costs following a motorcycle crash could be the replacement of any safety gear you were wearing, like a new helmet, or jacket. If you were carrying additional property such as saddlebags that were damaged, these are all things an experienced Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney will consider when seeking compensation.

What To Do When in a Motorcycle Accident in Sarasota, Fl.

A motorcycle crash can leave your mind reeling and unsure how to approach the situation. It is important to take the following steps if you or a loved one is in a motorcycle crash.

Call For Help.

The first step following a motorcycle crash should always be to call for help. Calling 911 will help get police and medical professionals on the scene. The police should be able to take detailed statements from those involved and any witnesses.

Get Medical Attention

High-stress situations such as a motorcycle crash can create high adrenalin in the body and may mask symptoms of underlying injuries. It is important to get assessed by a medical professional and receive any care they recommend. If the crash was caused by another person’s negligence, your medical bills that exceed your PIP insurance should be covered by the insurance company.

Gather Evidence

If able, take a lot of pictures and speak with any witnesses. The more evidence you have regarding the accident, the better your chances of receiving compensation. This includes information about weather, time of day, the direction the drivers were going, information about traffic, or other factors.

Gather Contact Information

It is important to get the phone number, name, and insurance information of the other party involved. In addition to the information from the driver involved, get any contact information from witnesses, as they may be able to testify on your behalf or provide a statement regarding the crash.

Seek a Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The sooner one of our lawyers is involved, the sooner compensation can be received. If you had an accident in Sarasota, our law firm can help you navigate the legal process of recovering compensation from your claim following the crash. It is important to call a Sarasota motorcycle accident attorney quickly following an accident to avoid delay in recovering compensation.


What’s the motorcycle accident claim process?

The claim can be difficult for someone untrained and unfamiliar with personal injury law. Receiving your settlement shouldn’t be a difficult task, but can be if you try and navigate making a claim without an experienced legal representative. A skilled attorney will guide their clients through the process so they don’t have to worry.


The Investigation phase includes gathering all information surrounding the accident and building the case. This includes any evidence and testimonials from witnesses, as well as information about the insurance companies. This is one of the most important parts of your claim and will help your lawyer defend your case.

Calculate Compensation

Knowing what is a fair settlement can be difficult to determine. Someone experienced with personal injury law will know all factors to consider when seeking a settlement for motorcyclists. This includes compensation for medical bills, property damage, and pain & suffering endured from the accident.


Insurance companies will often attempt to settle quickly and cheaply. Though a good lawyer will try to get you a settlement quickly, it is important to only accept a fair settlement offer. There may be some back-and-forth negotiations with insurance companies in order to recover proper compensation, but knowing what you deserve and fighting for what is right is important to our law firm.


Once you receive the proper compensation you deserve with the help from our Sarasota personal injury lawyers, you are able to concentrate on your recovery from your injuries.

Why do I need a motorcycle accident attorney?

As stated, insurance companies often try to settle quickly following a motorcycle accident. A knowledgeable Sarasota, Florida accident lawyer will help fight for what you deserve and help you navigate the difficult legal process of your claim. You deserve to recover from your injuries without worrying about being taken advantage of by an insurance company.

What Should I Do If I Lost a Loved One in a Motorcycle Accident in Florida?

If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash due to another driver’s negligence, you have a right to file a wrongful death claim. The goal of this type of claim is to compensate the victim’s survivors with damages such as final medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of income and potential future earnings, loss of companionship, or loss of inheritance.

Motorcycle accident wrongful death claims are complicated and require an experienced motorcycle injury attorney to recover both economic and non-economic damages. Under Florida law, you have two years from the victim’s death to file your claim. For help seeking justice during this difficult time, contact a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer.

Should I Accept a Settlement from an Insurance Company?

An insurance company’s priority is to settle cases quickly and without paying out large sums. This means your case may be denied or undervalued. If you do accept the initial settlement offer before consulting and hiring a motorcycle injury attorney, you may lose your ability to pursue civil action later, even if your injuries get worse.

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How The Fran Haasch Law Group Can Help with Your Sarasota Motorcycle Accident Case

Our founder, Fran Haasch has been active within the motorcycle community in Florida for years. The Fran Haasch Law Group has many practice areas and our geographic reach includes Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, and more with multiple office locations. Contact our office today at the phone number (727) 784-8191 to schedule a free case review.


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