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What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Insurance companies are a necessary evil in today’s society. We need them to protect us from unforeseen events, but all too often, they take advantage of us when we’re most vulnerable. That’s why it’s important to know what insurance companies don’t want you to know. By understanding their tricks and tactics, you can make sure that your rights are protected after an accident.

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6 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

After an accident, the insurance company will enlist an insurance adjuster to investigate your claim. The insurance adjuster’s job is to minimize the amount of money the company has to pay. To protect yourself after an accident, here are some things that most insurance companies don’t want you to know.

1. You Have Rights After an Accident

Most people believe that insurance companies are looking out for their best interests, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, insurance companies are businesses interested in making a profit. They’re not interested in providing you with the best possible service or paying out claims.

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to understand your rights before you speak to insurance claim adjusters. Otherwise, you could end up settling for far less than your claim is worth.

2. You Don’t Have to Accept the First Offer

In many cases, the insurance adjuster will try to lowball you by offering a settlement that’s far less than your claim is actually worth. Adjusters are trained to do this, and they do it because they know that most people don’t understand the true value of their claim. Don’t fall for this trap! If you’re unhappy with the first offer, you can (and should) negotiate for a better one.

3. You Don’t Have to Talk to the Insurance Claims Adjusters

Another common tactic that car insurance companies use is trying to get claimants to say something they can use against them. An insurance claims adjuster will ask leading questions to trip you up and get you to say something that they can use to deny your claim. They’ll want to know about your injuries, any treatment you’ve received, and how much time you’ve missed from work. They may also request access to your medical records.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to give the insurance company everything they ask for. You can hire an attorney to help you protect your rights and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

4. You Can Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Help You File a Claim

If you’ve been in an accident, one of the first things you should do is hire a personal injury attorney. An experienced personal injury attorney will level the playing field and ensure your rights are protected. Insurance companies will try to take advantage of you if they know you’re not represented by an attorney.

5. Insurance Adjusters are Trained Negotiators 

It’s important to remember that insurance adjusters are trained negotiators. They’re not interested in giving you a fair settlement. Their goal is to get you to accept as little money as possible.

6. If the Insurance Company Denies Your Claim, You Can Fight Back

If your insurance company denies your claim, you have the right to litigate. An experienced attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork and represent you in front of a judge and jury. 

No-Fault Insurance in Florida

Florida law requires drivers to carry no-fault insurance, also called PIP. PIP stands for personal injury protection and covers you regardless of who is at fault for an accident. PIP will pay up to $10,000 for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses after an accident.

If you were injured in a car accident, you would have to file a PIP claim with your own insurance company first. You must seek medical treatment within 14 days, and once that time limit is over, you will be ineligible for PIP if you do not receive medical treatment.

How Much Money Can I Recover in a Claim?

The amount of money you can recover in a claim depends on the severity of your injuries, how long it will take you to recover, whether or not you will be able to return to work, and other factors.

Contact the Fran Haasch Law Group for Help with Your Insurance Claim

After being in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is call a car accident lawyer. With their guidance, you will have a better understanding of your rights and remedies. In case two weeks have already passed since your accident, your lawyer will be able to help you figure out the best next step.

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