Texting While Driving Can Lead to a Car Accident

You know it’s wrong and against the law to text on your cellphone while driving, yet too many drivers take the risk. They think it only takes a few seconds and they’re so attached to their phones that the urge to text, leave or listen to voicemail messages is hard to resist.

Florida has the 2nd highest ranking in the country for careless cellphone use resulting in automobile accidents. Although using a cellphone is actually a secondary offense if you’re stopped for a higher offense, it increases your chances of committing the first offense.

It is a fact based on statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC) that irresponsible cellphone use has increased significantly on our highways and local streets causing personal injury accidents. The Clearwater car accident lawyers at The Fran Haasch Law Group have a great deal of experience representing victims of negligent motorists who caused serious accidents while on their cell phones.

An Experienced Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer Team

The Fran Haasch Law Group and their team of experienced auto accident attorneys have the expertise to provide you with the best guidance if you’ve been injured in an accident including thoughtless cellphone use.

Hard Facts About Negligent Cell Phone Use

According to the NSC, about 1.6 million drivers cause a car accident because they are using their cellphones while driving. Many of these accidents occur due to texting while their vehicle is in motion, accounting for almost 400,000 accidents every year. Texting while behind the wheel is the biggest cause of car accidents on our streets. Florida especially has an increasing amount of automobile accidents occurring due to inattentive drivers texting. When a driver reads or writes a text on their cell phone, it takes away their focus on the road for about five seconds, and at higher speeds, that greatly increases the danger.

And even higher risk is when intoxicated drivers are texting, which happens especially more frequently with younger drivers who feel they need to be constantly communicating with their friends. Teenage drivers are at the most risk of causing an accident while on their cellphones according to NSC reports.

The chances of them being in an automobile accident rises by about 500% when they have friends riding with them. Also, teens have a higher fatality rate as 10% of deadly car accidents are caused by their careless use of cellphones. Based on official statistics, everyday there are approximately 700,000 drivers using cell phones, headsets, dash cameras or other electronics while driving an automobile, motorcycle, or even in some cases an ATV on a Clearwater area beach.

What Happens If You Become a Victim

Don’t be surprised if the texting driver of the car that causes an accident denies using their cellphone when the accident occurs. It is a common occurrence in many texting and driving cases. However, the police may confiscate the wrongful driver’s phone as evidence, especially if there are serious injuries or a fatality involved due to the crash. They may be charged with vehicular homicide or negligent manslaughter. If necessary and serious personal injury is involved, our Clearwater car accident lawyers can prepare a Spoliation Letter, which will require the party at fault to preserve their cellphone’s contents as potential evidence for any legal action.

It is highly recommended that you and any passengers who have been injured go to the nearest hospital emergency center to be treated by medical professionals. Hospital records of treatment received by medical practitioners should be maintained as evidence to support prospective compensation for injuries and/or provided to the drivers’ insurance companies.

In addition, it’s important to follow medical staff’s instructions for follow up care and to contact The Fran Haasch Law Group as soon as possible to decide if there are sufficient grounds for legal action for compensation for an accident victim’s injuries, property losses or damages. Our firm also recommends that drivers purchase and install a dashboard camera in their vehicle in the event they will want to prove accident fault and liability for a possible vehicle accident in the future.

Our professional car accident lawyers are standing by to represent victims who are suffering with personal injuries, property damage or loss because of an accident due to another irresponsible texting or distracted car driver. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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