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What Makes a Car Accident Case Complex?

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What Makes a Car Accident Case Complex?

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Typically, one or multiple drivers are involved in car accidents involving personal injury cases. Although it is less common, there is a small percentage of accidents with personal injuries that encompass various factors that make the case more complex.

One significant factor making a car accident case more complicated is the extent and type of the victim’s injuries. In many accidents injuries are apparent at the time of the accident or from a follow up doctor’s exam. But in some cases it may take longer for symptoms of underlying injuries to become known. Injuries to the brain may take days or weeks to appear and require more extensive exams and tests to determine. Some symptoms of brain damage could be mistaken for stress such as mood swings, lack of concentration and depression.

Brain injuries may be misdiagnosed and be untreated for a longer period of time than other injuries. Even if brain scans reveal injury, the full effect of the damage may still not be known. Sometimes this is because a patient may not report any symptoms for weeks or months after the car accident. That is why you should see a doctor immediately after an accident and relate everything that is bothering you without assuming some symptoms are due to too much exercise or work stress.

Another reason why a personal injury case could be more complex is it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for causing a victim’s injuries. In certain cases, the cause of a car accident may not be just the careless of a driver. An accident could be due to vehicle part malfunction, an unsafe road due to substandard construction or the effects of an incorrectly prescribed medication. Sometimes the car accident is the result of a poorly manufactured vehicle part and the manufacturer would be at fault. In other cases, an accident could happen due to a mechanic’s negligent service. In certain jurisdictions there is a legal doctrine referred to as non-delegable duty which means responsibility cannot be assigned to a third party. An example is a car accident caused by brakes that failed due to improper vehicle services, yet the vehicle’s owner is still the one at fault. These are just a few reasons you should consult an experienced accident lawyer after a car accident to understand the potential complexities, especially if personal injuries are involved.

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