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Neck Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents can be anything from mild to fatal. Neck injuries are one of the common injuries sustained when the magnitude of the accident was especially severe. Neck injuries also synonymously called as whiplash injuries occur as a result of the sheer force and inertia that comes with a sudden brake or a crash. Passengers in the car especially those in the front can violently be pulled forwards and back resulting in a cervical spine injury.

Some key symptoms and clinical signs of neck injuries include headaches that may occur acutely or after a while, dizziness, and neck stiffness and pain. Other symptoms that appear after a while include lower back aches, pain in the shoulder, inability to concentrate or recall and even a loss of sensation or numbness in your fingers and hands. The complete picture of symptoms depends on the severity of the injury. If you or a loved one has recently been in an accident and is suffering from similar symptoms, it’s important to check in with your physician first.

Dealing with Neck Injuries from an Auto Accident

Recovering Compensation for Neck Injuries

Florida state laws clearly state that in an event of an injury or accident that resulted because of someone’s negligence is eligible to contest for compensation. Neck injuries in accidents, where the other party was clearly negligent, fall in this criterion as well. Negligence that results in a neck or whiplash injury doesn’t necessarily have to come about after a car accident. Although the majority of these injuries occur due to reckless and careless driving, there are other causes that can entitle you to recover financial compensation.

Some common causes of negligence that could result in neck injuries include distracted driving, driving in poor weather conditions, tailing too close behind the vehicle in front, failure of adequacy in rides, poor and careless coaching in sports, defective manufacturing design of machines and equipment.

If you’ve been a victim of such an injury where you suspect negligence of the other party involved, it’s crucial that you consult and discuss your case with a well-versed attorney. In the case of a neck injury caused by an accident, there are good chances for you to recover financial compensation of the accident and reduce the burden of the medical bills influx.

Why It’s Important to Get a Proper Diagnosis?

Neck injuries, unlike most other accident related injuries, don’t show up with clear-cut physical signs. There are no scratches, bruises or bleeding associated with a typical whiplash injury and the diagnosis can only be made upon a proper CT or MRI scan. It’s important that you check in with your physician, and follow their investigations and treatment schedules for an authentic medical data to be produced. Since neck injuries are inapparent, insurance companies might not understand the magnitude of the problem and prevent you from getting insurance coverage.

Furthermore, medical data and record will help your attorney greatly in a case against the negligent driver.

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